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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Favorite Things/ Water Lilies

These are “a few of my favorite things” that I’ve done this week so far:

  • Learned a new song – The Man I Love – a really great tune by those talented Gershwin brothers.   Kind of makes me sad though, “he’ll be big and strong” (he was), “and in a little while, he’ll take my hand, and though it sounds absurd, I know we both won’t say a word” (we didn’t)
  • Went to a concert at the Botanic Gardens with friends Pat and Peter – we picnicked and then strolled the grounds.   There is a section devoted to water lilies – astounding, really.   What odd plants to grow under water!  And they kind of look like Mr. Pacman – circles with a pie shaped wedge missing    And the water lily lotus flowers are….really no words to describe their sturdy yet ethereal pink beauty.   They can almost fill an aching heart.
  • Incredible walks with Joey along the Evanston lakefront – it’s been a gorgeous week.   The lighting is beautiful first thing in the morning and the lake is different every day.   Today the surf was up so lots of activity out there.  I like that it’s not always the same, as if it, too, has to renew and reinvent itself daily.
  • Took my puppy to the dog beach and seeing him racing up and down the sand, practically pirouetting in the air for joy, chasing and being chased, bounding out into the lake only to realize with horror that he doesn’t know how to swim – it’s hysterical and uplifting.   He has stolen everyone’s hearts there.
  • Writing group last night.   I actually kind of hated it but I wrote a few funny pieces that I'll post separately.   Really not my kind of writing - the clever stuff, but I guess it's not bad to exercise that writing muscle once in a while.  
  • Writing in this blog – I look forward every day to writing to y’all.   And when I do have solitary moments, I enjoy thinking about topics to write about….it’s better than dwelling on problems or sadness.
  • Sung at Petterino’s in the theater district – great venue you should come some Monday night – I went alone and sat alone which was lonely, and yet the show was great, the singers talented, the emcee really funny and I sang two songs, “The Nearness of You” and “I Wish You Love”.   I aced both songs and on my way out, patrons singled me out for compliments.   I think I’m getting really good at this singing thing!
  • Talked to my friend in Germany.   He is a wonderful shoulder to cry on.   I met him about three years ago when he sat next to me at the opera.   I had an immediate crush on him so I finagled his contact information.   For the first year I schemed how I could make him mine despite the 4,000+ miles between us.   Now that I’ve come down to earth, I count him as one of my dearest friends – he’s always there to listen.  
Here are a few course corrections I’ve taken this week:

  • Asked my ex boyfriend not to communicate with me for six months.   I need him to go dark completely so that I can move on. I’m grateful to him that he can be the boundary keeper in our breakup – I don’t have the willpower.
  • No brooding time – trying to fill every waking moment with positive activities.
  • Evaluating all my habits to see if they support growth.   Out with the old!
  • Further cutting back of expenses 
The challenge for today is making sure you have a list of the favorite things you’ve done so far this week (Sunday through Thursday).   Hopefully your list is as, or more, compelling than mine and if it isn’t, what gives?   Are you watching too much television?   Ah, but that’s a post for another day!

Pat took the picture of the water lilies above.   Amazing, yes?



  1. My favorite things have included very intense long swims, going to parks with my kids, spending time with friends, and enjoying the beautiful weather, a rare gift in these parts.

  2. My favorite things this week have been drinking by a bonfire with a friend, sharing a homemade breakfast on a lazy morning, taking my older son to the off-the-leash dog park for the first time (with the dog), discovering a large deal that was won two weeks ago that I didn't know about, and successfully getting a stronger cell signal in my home (gotta celebrate the small stuff too).


  3. Yeah! The small stuff really adds up! Sometimes just one small pleasure or victory in a day makes life worth living!