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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cuba/Save Yourself!

Haven't written in a few day because I've been too blue and introspective and I don't think it's probably so much fun for my readers when I'm in that mood - downer!   So what's been going on? Monday sang horribly at Petterino's - well the verse anyway.  Most of the songs from the American Songbook, which is the genre I sing, start with an obscure verse - the part of the song that you don't recognize that sets up the rest of the song. It's fun to sing the verses a) because no one much does and b) you keep the audience guessing as to what the song is and, when you finally break into the chorus of the song, I swear you can hear an audible "ah" much of the time.  For instance, when I sing At Last, the verse is something no one sings.   "I was never spellbound by a starry sky.  What is there to moonglow when love has passed you by?  Then there came a midnight and the world was new.  So here I am so spellbound, darling, not by stars, but just by you!"  That's the verse.  After it's sung, a pause, and then the oh-so-satisfying, "At Last" - big and bold like how Etta James (not Beyonce!) sang it.

Anyway, I totally blew the verse to a great song, More Than You Know.   It's a tricky atonal verse and I'm not sure if it was me or the pianist who messed it up (I've sung it well before with another pianist).  Regardless, we never got on the same page or in the right key.   I guess the audience must have been panicking with me and when I finally sang the chorus which I did wonderfully, they could finally relax and enjoy.  That's the thing about singing in a live Cabaret show (which is just a nice way of saying open mic).   Think of it.  When you take in a show the singer and the pianist have worked together and ironed out any kinks in the tunes.  Not so with a live show - anything goes, and sometimes the "anything" is pretty awful!  I think it adds to the fun to see people bomb now and then.   And good for me that I've done this long enough to laugh about it and take it in stride - and to recover which I did mightily - the body of the song was spot on and terrific.

Tuesday, dinner at friends, Alan and Carla.  They just got back from Cuba - there is a loophole for Americans who are part of a cultural exchange.  So, Cuba.  I think it's my new romantic destination. Carla said it is hands down the most romantic place she has ever gone.  I always aspired to be in love in Paris (cliche right?) and being proposed to in Paris would even be better!  But according to Carla, Cuba gives Paris a run for its money!  She described the leisurely pace, sitting on beautiful terraces overlooking magnificent views with the most heavenly ocean breezes that were like Calgon-take-me-away moments.  She and Alan went there stressed - their father having just died.  The grief of that, along with all the logistics, were something they needed to decompress from.  They are world travelers and they now count Cuba as one of the best vacations they've ever had.  So, how can WE score a trip to Cuba!?  Think it needs to be on our bucket list!

Dating=weird these days or to be more exact, non-existent!   And you know what?  It's OK.  There is serenity in just not trying so hard to find a companion.   I have a friend in her early '60's and she has actually sworn off dating.  She never married and after about 40 years of looking she just got sick and tired of putting herself out "there" - tired of telling her life story over and over again - tired of being interviewed and evaluated.   She never thought she would live her life uncoupled and unmarried, but those are the cards she was dealt.  I'm thinking it's good to just relax about all of this and surrender to whatever the cosmos decides to dish up.   If I live the rest of my days alone, I will be fine with that.   I will have experienced true love once in my life and many people never get that.  That is something to be grateful for and I am.   And what a good role model my friend is!  She is upbeat, fun, energetic, euphoric about all the good stuff life has to offer and whenever I'm with her my heart is lifted by her positive attitude and joie de vivre.

Never, never put the apps "Words With Friends" and "Hanging With Friends" on your cell phone. This is one of those things you just need to trust me about.  If you want to just hand over a large chunk of your life, hours that could be spent productively and creatively, if you want to list "games played with anonymous strangers on your cellphone" as one of your life achievements when you're asked to account for your life, then ignore this warning.  If, on the other hand, you want your life to be filled with accomplishment, heed me!   Lately Sarah=No New Problems.  I've been hell bent on cleaning up the old bad habits (i.e. exercise, diet, vodka, procrastination, etc) and now, just when I was starting to feeling empowered, along comes something that seems initially to be fun and innocuous and a minor distraction, a bit of deserved fun.   Arg....picture this!  It's 1AM and there is Sarah curled up in bed with her down comforter wrapped around her - just the top of her head and eyes peeking out, lit up by the glow of the cell that's plugged in by her bed - hot from hours of constant use.  Sleep is not an option when you are engaged in 21 simultaneous games of Scrabble and 16 games of Hangman with people you've never met!   Maybe that's the real reason I haven't written this blog for a few days.  Confession.

Challenge today.   Take a solemn blood oath to keep gaming apps off your cell phone.   Resist evil. Save yourself.  I didn't.



  1. Sorry, not commenting about this post per se, however, your series of comments about what it is to be a human human have been the inspiration for my Good Friday sermon and once I've posted the sermon on my blog (http://www.turtledeb.blogspot.com --- around 9 p.m. tomorrow), you'll be able to see what I've done! Thanks for being my muse, Sarah.

  2. I am so happy to be inspiring to anyone, anywhere, anyhow! And I can return the favor! So cool that you are an Episcopal priest and my friend to boot! That makes me cool by association! Who knows, I might even come to hear you preach one of these Sundays, even though I find it hard to say the g-g-g-g-g (can your hear me stuttering?) word!