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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rainmakers, Us/Cull the Population

Thursday.  Last night with Catherine and the theater was fun. We had dinner in her neighborhood before the show. I enjoyed the beer banter between her and the knowledgeable waiter. Catherine knows her beer, that's for sure! At one point she aspired to be a brewmaster and have a career in boutique beer. Now it's an avocation and she brews just for herself and friends. I had fun with her, thinking of ideas for new beers and seeing her reaction. Clover beer? "Sure it's been done," she assured. Bacon beer? "Gross," she said looking annoyed. Wild roses? "Sounds yummy, probably been done. Remember people have been brewing beer since humans have been around." And so on...

And speaking of humans being on the planet, the show last night (The History of Everything) was incredible. Ninety minutes of teeming activity, eight actors dressed all in black, milling around a stage with cutouts of the continents laid like area rugs. They started with news of May 30, 2012 and worked backwards, periodically announcing the human population until they got to the big bang, ground zero. I think what struck me most is how geometrically the population is expanding. I know, it's a bit of a "duh". but it bears thinking about the fact that it wasn't so many years ago when humans were half of today's population. Thinking we need a good plague or comet or super volcano eruption or something to cull our numbers. Not extinction and not just our leaders living in a mountain in Colorado, but a serious reduction of bodies - the growth is absolutely unsustainable. I've always joked that if there is a god, he/she has been busy focusing on other solar systems and, when their gaze returns to us, they will say something like, "Holy shit, it's an infestation!"  Then they'll get out the equivalent of those long pump sprays that exterminators use and start fuming us into oblivion. So the play was good, thought provoking, really well done and humbling.

Today it's rainy - blah - a day that's hard to love. And after the heart wrenching events of the past week+, I should be grateful for a respite from emotional ups and down - good to just have a flat line day. And yet, it's days like today I fear the most. I'd almost rather be held up by gunpoint than feel uninspired and gray. Would rather be singing the blues than have the highlight of the day be a choice between wheat or rye toast. And I knew, as I made those final choices, that the empty space that was left would be the hardest thing to cope with, knew it could be a black hole where my emotions go to die.

Challenge for me today is reaching out to people I love, planning some gratifying activities, maybe going to the library and finally getting that library card and bringing home a huge stack of exciting reads. Maybe I will print and memorize 30+ more songs to add to my repertoire. Today, I'll make that call to the Women's Club that I've been meaning to place and finally join and immerse myself in good deeds for others. I'll also get out my calendar and schedule a series of dinner parties on my deck, get my flowers planted, hang art that's coming over from the office, get a manicure to remove the red polish forever, buy a new purse. Anything to escape the black hole of ennui.

The challenge for you is whatever you want to make it today. Let's let the rainy day remind us that we need to be the rainmakers of our own lives. Life is gorgeous, even rainy days - so live!  I will if you will.


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