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Friday, June 1, 2012


Well,this is an adventure. Took the day off, home and I'm writing this on my new IPad. Not so easy. Tonight Schaller's, that bar on the south side where I sing. Fun crowd going, good singers. Wasn't going to write today but here goes. What I'm thinking about today is waiting. There are times in our lives where we make a tough uncomfortable choice, one that we know is the right one, but one that also causes pain in the immediate future. So it was with me when I gave up smoking in my 20's. I remember prepping those around me that I would be impossible to live with for at least a week. I knew there would be tremendous discomfort for a time. Even my more recent decision to give up hard liquor wasn't without discomfort...it really tugged at me for a few weeks and I caught myself trying to rationalize myself into a martini. Within a few weeks the desire had dissipated. That's where I'm now, sitting in the cracks of withdrawal, waiting for my positive decision to put down new roots, waiting for new shoots and leaves to sprout. Waiting. And the good thing is that I know it will happen. It always does when you make the right choice and then stay the course. 'Tis only a matter of time. So Sarah = not good company these days. Your challenge is twofold: #1 If you are going to take on a new challenge like quitting smoking, don't be a martyr. Give yourself permission to be a bitch and enlist the compassion of your friends, ask their forgiveness in advance. #2 Forgive me for being dour for the next few days or so. Relinquishing all hope of a future with him is a difficult bitter blow, but necessary to move forward and live again. Peace, Sarah

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